Creating Space Materials In Blender

by kuhn0362 in Training

Creating Space Materials in Blender

by Chris Kuhn

Skill Level : Beginner / Intermediate
Total Running Time : 35 Minutes

In this course, we'll create Cycles-based materials useful for modeling spacecraft. We'll start with some procedural solar panels that look decent and render very quickly. From there, we'll create more realistic solar panels using translucent materials and UV maps. Next, we'll work on procedural canvas materials, similar to those which cover the International Space Station and the Soyuz Orbiter. Finally, we'll work on materials for space station modules, including both metal and plastic materials. All the materials created in this course are free to use and re-distribute. 

Course Breakdown: 

  • Video 1: Introduction (1:34) 
  • Video 2: Procedural Solar Panels (8:47) 
  • Video 3: UV Solar Panels (8:46) 
  • Video 4: Procedural Canvas Materials (7:00) 
  • Video 5: UV Mapped Hull Materials (8:24