[Full Course] Learn to Create Photorealistic Exterior Environments

by Reality Fakers in Training

Want to Learn Photorealism?

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The Main Objective is to Show You the Process of Turning a Real Image into a Realistic 3D Scene.

You will Learn the Basics and Principles of Achieving Photorealism by Working on a real reference example of a Exterior Environment: Something that exists in Real Life. You Will Learn everything You need to turn any image reference into a high quality realistic 3D scene in Blender

Reference Used

Solid Mode

Final Render

Softwares Used

- Blender 2.8 for Modeling

- Substance Designer for materials creation


Since you might be new to PBR materials, you will get a free course on Substance Designer

Please Contact me if you're interested

Ground Material

Painted Wall Material


-- fSpy Program: https://github.com/stuffmatic/fSpy/releases

-- fSpy Addon: https://github.com/stuffmatic/fSpy-Blender/releases

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