Coffee machine for barista, cups, percolator and coffee station

by hknoblauch in Models

This is an expansive set of coffee related items including:

1. Double Decker percolator machine as used in restaurants

2. Dual head Cappuccino machine

3. Four different shaped/sized ceramic cups, also a paper cup with cup sleeve and lid

4. A hot water urn.

5. Steel jugs for milk

6. Stir sticks and teaspoons

7. Sugar sachets (white and brown)

8. Large wooden mobile coffee station on wheels, with multiple shelves.

The Blender file contains 2 scenes, 1 for the elements, 1 for the mobile station. All the textures are "packed" so there are no missing file paths. The file uses cycles to render and has an HDRI background.

Thank you for your interest in “Coffee machine for barista cafeteria” set of elements.

You will notice that the scene is made from individual elements

These elements can very easily populate an entire coffee shop interior, a restaurant hot drink area, mobile events coffee or hot drink sales areas and many more.

Textures used for this scene are as indicated below and all models are unwrapped (NON-overlapping):

All objects are named, all pivot points are located in such a way that an object is easy to place as well as easy to snap to another.

All objects are modelled in real world size.

The file is “Packed” as a Blender file. This means that all the relevant images are pulled into the 3d file and hosted by the .Blend file. The advantage of this is that textures would automatically load and not get lost or fall away due to file path issues. If you want to alter the textures, simply follow the instruction shown below:

All geometry is located on layer 01, all cameras and lights are located on layer 02. See the image below. You can Shift select both layers as on to display all, or simply use your mouse to toggle between the two layers.

Package used:

Blender 2.9

Renderer used:



Scene 1 – All coffee elements

Scene 2 – Mobile station with elements in position

 switch between the scenes here:


Unwrapped – Non-overlapping:

Poly count: 324 374

Vertex count: 348 387

Object count: 318


Each main section has been added to a group for easy appending. Use the “File>Append>*filename*>group command. The groups are named as follows:













Please enjoy the models and the scene – Don’t hesitate to give feedback through the site.

Kind regards, Hubert Knoblauch

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  • [email protected] about 1 year ago

    Love it! I look forward to seeing more of your work.!

    • Hubert Knoblauch about 1 year ago

      Thank you for the compliment!

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