Climbing Carabiner

by Lucas_pl in Models

Moving and manipulation

The whole model is easy to move/rotate by selecting either the "carabiner" group or the "carabiner01" object, which is the root parent.
"Carabiner02" object is the carabiner's gate and should be only rotated along its local Y axis.
"Carabiner 06" object is the gate lock and should be only moved or rotated along its local Z axis.

Textures and materials

Three maps are included:
- carabiner_diffuse.png - for diffuse and glossy shaders, used by "steel" and "steel2" materials,
- carabiner_mask01.png - for mix shaders, used by "steel" material for masking glossiness,
- carabiner_mask02.png - for mix shaders, used by "steel" material - optional map for giving the worn-out look.