What is it? 
Add-on for cleaning multiple meshes at once. A very fast way to clean meshes when importing files from other software into Blender.

This is an automation of repetitive tasks, that can be routine to annoying when importing multiple models. The main purpose of the add-on is to automate tasks and optimize your workflow.

Come to the action
Actions that are executed by the command for the given objects in the current version are:
- unify the normals outwards
- removes duplicate vertices
- removes unused material slots


A) Import data from other software
The addon works as a simple tool for quickly cleaning models as the first step after importing data.

B)  Architecture
In architecture, the advantage is editing many data at once. The use of the addon can thus be in urban planning and the import of models of parts of cities, where there will be a large number of non-uniform objects. When focusing on detail, the addon can be useful when inspecting any systems from multiple objects such as facade cladding.

C) 3d printing
The basic requirement is the removal of duplicates and the correct solution of normals. When converting a model to printable, the addon can be suitable for the basic preparation of many 3D models for 3D printing.

It's up to you and the feedback. Let us know what else you would appreciate for the features. Are there other automated buttons that would save you work? Let us know and we will include any comments as a basis for development.
(So far, the auto smooth option is being considered.)

1.01 - "Remove Unused Materials From Selected Objects" is now also separate function (this is used very often for data from Revit or Sketchup)