Chocofur Pro 3D Models Bundle

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Create stunning visuals in Blender using Chocofur Professional 3D Models Bundle.

Idea behind Chocofur brand was always simple - to empower Blender artists and professionals in creating stunningly good visuals in the most productive and time efficient way.

3D modeling is essential part of every rendering and while creating your own assets library from the scratch is very ambitious, it's probably not the most productive way when it comes to professional work. Not to mention the 3D modeling hours you'd need to put in, the entire process also requires extensive research and reference database.

This is why we've created Chocofur Pro 3D Models Bundle. With over 1000 carefully crafted 3D models, it's not only the biggest Blender and Cycles dedicated assets library for professionals. It has been created in line with the current trends in design to match the expectations of users in the creative industry.

Free Lifetime Update.

To expand your 3D assets library you need to spend more and more money over time. With Chocofur Pro 3D Models Bundle you pay once and all the upcoming 3D models are available for free! Only in 2018 we plan releasing around 350 new 3D furnishings which will increase our current library by over 30%. 

Includes 3D Scenes and Projects.

3D models are great speedup to your daily work, but pre-made commercial projects are the real game changers. Chocofur Pro 3D Models Bundle currently includes 2 interior and 2 exterior scenes which were made as real, commercial and client based projects. This way we want to share field tested knowledge which allowed our team to earn actual money only with Blender used as a 3D tool. We also enclose the animation project files created during the Chocofur Reel production. 

The Value and Blender Fund.

Purchasing all assets as single products through our Chocofur Store would cost over 7500 USD! You may ask - why are we selling the Chocofur Pro 3D Models Bundle with almost 90% discount? Our answer is simple - we want our Blender assets to be accessible to everyone and have a positive impact on the Blender professional community. We do also want to help Blender development, that's why by purchasing our Blender Market products you donate 10% of the price directly to Blender Foundation!

Free Asset Management Addon Included.

Chocofur Pro 3D Models Bundle was created to allow you accessing all 3D models directly from Blender. No more time consuming folder browsing and file appending without the useful model preview! The Addon is available for your free testing under the following link (please watch the video tutorial first). 

Free 3D Models Before You Buy.

Chocofur Model Manager comes with over 100 completely free Blender models. All our free assets are released under CC0 license (no copyright), meaning you can use them in any type of project. You can even sell and make profit using our free 3D models if you want to. 

Extra Assets.

Models and Project files aren't the only content of the Chocofur Pro 3D Models Bundle! You will also receive 10 professionally made HDR maps and our first exterior visualization assets

For a full list of the included models, please check the Documentation page!

You can find the Chocofur Pro 3D Models Bundle license agreement here.

Chocofur Pro 3D Models Bundle content includes:

Chocofur Pro 3D Details Bundle content includes:

  • Lifetime update on all Chocofur Blender Detail Models (only 3D detail models). 
  • 454 individual models click for preview
  • 46 free models click for preview
  • 38 USD Blender Fund donation

Chocofur Pro 3D Furniture Bundle content includes:

  • Lifetime update on all Chocofur Blender Furniture Models (only 3D furniture models). 
  • 417 individual models click for preview
  • 44 free models: click for preview
  • 30 USD Blender Fund donation

Chocofur Pro 3D Accessories Bundle content includes:

  • Lifetime update on all Chocofur Blender Accessorie Models (only 3D accessorie models). 
  • 65 individual models click for preview
  • 18 free models click for preview
  • 10 USD Blender Fund donation

Chocofur Model Manager:

To learn how to install and use Chocofur Model Manager, please follow the video below. For more information please check this link

Main Features:

  • It's free!
  • Created for Blender 2.79 (should support all versions down to 2.77)
  • Designed for quick and clean 3D model import.
  • Three model categories - Furniture, Accessories, Details + multiple subcategories.
  • Supports custom 3D models and assets
  • Includes Chocofur IES light files.
  • Works flawlessly on Mac and Windows

Current Limitations:

  • Model's library path limited to default Blender scripts folder (be sure to have enough space on your system drive!)
  • Pre-defined model categories which cannot be currently changed 
  • Models are always added in the scene's center point

Chocofur 3D Models Specs:

For a detailed specification please check the following link.

Can I use your models for commercial projects?

Yes, you can use all of our content for your commercial projects. However, except of our free assets and Chocofur Model Manager, you're not allowed to re-sell or share any other 3D Blender files included in the Bundle. For more information please read the license agreement applying to Chocofur Model Bundles.

What was the studio setup for creating the shop renders?

Our in depth tutorial on creating studio renderings in Blender is available under this link. 

Blender is free and open-source. Why don't you share your models for free?

Blender is a great tool and we'd love to make it much more popular among 3d artists, especially those working in architecture and visualization industry. There are lot's of assets for commercial applications but no one ever tried releasing a full sets of models dedicated only for Blender. This requires time and effort and that's why we can't share everything for free. 

However, all our free models (and textures they include) are shared under CC0 license, meaning they're an "Open Source" type of asset. You can use them for any purpose without even giving us a credit!

Can I download free samples before buying anything?

Yes! Just check our free Chocofur Model Manager for Blender and follow the tutorial explaining how you can download over 100+ Chocofur free model samples.

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