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This Addon Is Deprecated

This Add-on is a simple renaming tool that helps you to organize your scene by renaming your object or bones. It renames all the child of the active object. Chain rename 1.0 can help you save time by name all the child object numbered in a very neat manner. 

Chain Renamer 1.0 is designed to be simple, and easy to use, instead of setting up some complicated naming system, this is a simple tool that you use like a helper. While this add-on is designed for, and works best with Single chain Hierarchy (one child all the way down). But it works for multiple child as well.

It is best used for renaming things like branches, fingers, hairs and tail. 


  • Rename all children of an object or bone in the scene.

How to use:

Press SHIFT-F and put in the name you want to rename

Alternately, you can find the operator in:

Object Mode =             View 3D -> Object -> Chain Rename

Pose Mode =                 View 3D -> Pose -> Chain Rename

Armature Edit Mode = View 3D -> Armature -> Chain Rename


Version 1.0:

01/5/2020 Chain Renamer 1.0: Released!


If you want to suggest an improvement or report a problem, lets discuss it in Discord Channel

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Software Version 2.82
License GPL
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