Cartoon House

by Quadmade Studio in Models

Polycount information:
3.347 Quads  
0 Triangles
4.500 Vertex
6.700 Polygons in total


Can I use this model on any software?

    Yes, both format files provided on the package are friendly with most of the softwares.
    But to get the best result with the maps and material some adjustments will be required for the software the file will be used.
    Usually Unity, Marmoset toolbag has a good result near the sketchfab results without too much efforts.
    Other engines like Unreal etc should be more difficult.

This model is suitable for ?

    Mobile and Web Real-time 3d games is the best medias for this model, since he isn't has enough details for a High End console or PC AAA+ game. The best choice is for cartoon low poly games (mobile)

The model is ready ?

Yes,  but depends on what engine or 3d software will be imported

The model material was made in Blender for CYCLES GPU RENDERING  using Principled BSDF Shader nodes
The version imported on  Unity is the FBX. and the shader was remade as standard.
Marmoset and Sketchfab use another methods that doesn't work the same as other realtime engines