by GameArtUniverse in Models

A very high quality Carrom set with two different looks-

1) Old & Scratched look
2) New & Smooth look

This Carrom set contains a Board, a Coin(Black, White and Red textures) and a Striker(4 colors). Although coin is not very high poly, A high poly coin is also available inside blend file.

Poly count is kept as low as possible for each model so that It can be used in AR, MR or VR projects. All textures are very high quality with 2K resolution.

Key Features :

- Two looks- 1) Old look 2)New look
- Minimum possible poly-counts
- Materials count are kept minimum
- Striker available in 4 colors
- High quality 2K textures

Textures :

- Base Color
- AO Map
- Normal Map
- Roughness Map
- MetallicSmoothness Map
- SpecularSmoothness Map