Car-Rig Pro "Blender Kit"

by 3DVision in Scripts and Addons

CAR-RIG PRO 1.6 allows you to rig any type of vehicle with four wheels ex: weight heavy, city car, race car etc ..."Car-Rig Pro" is the easiest and fastest rig system to install, it is optimized to save you time. 

Operating system: This product is developed only for Windows users.
Minimum Performance: I7 2.6Ghz/ 4GB/ GTX 950 4GB/ Windows 10.

*Note: please don't forget to take a few seconds to rate this product, the popularity of this product will allow me to continue to do research to add more functionality in future updates. Thank you in advance for your help and happy blending!

Produced by Pixels Urge with Car-Rig Pro.

  • Slalom
  • Drift Auto.
  • Head to tail.
  • Editable Ground.
  • Centrifugal force.
  • Simple to animate.
  • Automatic steering.
  • Bonus: custom camera.
  • Manual or Automatic Drift
  • Manual or automatic drive.
  • Ready for Blender 2.82/2.83.
  • Automatic ground detection.
  • Realistic suspension simulation.
  • Supports Real-Time Ground Deformations.
  • Independent rotation: front wheel / rear wheel.
  • Automatic detection of ground inclination (X/Y axis)
  • Rig properties : control command of Installation/Animation/physics.

Just use Blender's "append" function "F4" to import the kit with the "Collection". 

Step 1  Place your car in the right position "The front wheels of your car should be aligned in approximately the same position as the front contact points".

Step 2  Use the Installation Panel "I" to place the contact points.

Step 3  Place the bone in the center of the wheel, then attach the wheel to the bone, repeat the same operation for the other wheels. Note*: For version 1.5, a bone named "Brake" has been added, attach the brake disc to this bone.

Step 4  Check if your wheels rotate correctly, for this in the properties panel use the "Gas 1" and "Gas 2" controls.

Step 5  Attach the car to the main bone called the "Frame" Note*: Check in pose mode if the bone named "frame" is selected.

Step 6  Check if the car is properly attached to the main bone "Frame". Your car is now ready for animation.

The properties of the rig are divided into three parts.

- Installation ( I ): Place the "contact point" bones and the main "Frame" bone in the correct position and use the rental limits to avoid a collision between the car chassis and the wheels.

- Animation ( A ): Manage the controls to perform your animation, drive, set the speed, activate ground detection, change the mode for drifting (manual or automatic) etc...

- Physics ( P ): Configure the physics of the car, the weight, the suspension force, the speed of the physics simulation.  

Select the ground then use the property options to deform the terrain. Note*:The procedural texture is only compatible for EEVEE.

Step 1

Select a contact point then in "pose mode" in the constraint options replace the object "Default ground" by your own ground. *Repeat this operation for the three other contact points.

Step 2

Selected the "Master" object then in the constraint options replace the "Default Ground" object by your own ground.

Suddenly accelerate, slalom between cars, skid and turn around to park and wait for a passenger, all these situations, you can now realize them with Car-Rig Pro 1.6.

Here are the details of this update.

1. Animation control panel.

- Manual Drive: You can now use this command to control the car's movements by adding animation keys. When you use manual driving, the rotation of the wheels depends on the car's movements. ( See "Animation" tutorial).

- Head to tail: You can perform Head to tail during animation, or combine this command with drift to perform missed drifts or super skids. (See the "Animation" tutorial).

- Slalom: When the car follows the curve, you can use this command to move away from the center of the road, if the car moves on a linear axis it will allow you to slalom between obstacles.

- Centrifugal force: Centrifugal force also influences the wheels.

- End Frame: Use this command to set the duration of your animation.

2. Editable ground.

- A shader made of four materials (sand, asphalt, gravel and grass) has been designed to allow you to generate several styles of Ground or roads, the shader is available in three versions "Lite, Simplified and Optimized". ( See the "editable Ground" tutorial). 

- You can add subdivisions from the control panel.

3. The path.

- The path now allows you to move the rig and the Ground, you can also detach the path from the ground with the "Clear parent" command.

- The path is now clearly visible and no longer in danger of being lost (see commands A, B and C ).

1 Render animation:

- Now you can render an animation without doing "Bake". 

2 Brake disc:

- Bones have been added to attach the brake discs.

3 Centrifugal force :

- Centrifugal force is now available (Note*: Set the centrifugal force when the car takes a turn). 

1 Drift Auto:

- Now the Rig can automatically perform drifting following the curve, just activate the "Drift auto" function

2 Simplified version added :

- A simplified version is now available. This version gives more freedom to make non-linear animations since it does not depend on the path. ( Z-axis rotation of the front wheels is available).

3 Rig Propertie :

- it is now divided into three parts Installation/Animations/Physics, This makes it easier to read.

4 The Ground:

- It can now be edited to create several types of terrain.

5 Wheel rotation :

- A new rotation method has been installed.

- New bone customized and animated for better visibility.
- The curve used to edit the path has been replaced by a "path", which is faster and easier to edit.
- The Rig can now detect ground inclination or deformation in the X/Y axes (* This option is activated when you activate ground detection).
- Simplified physics settings, now you only have to manage three parameters: the mass of the car, the speed of the physics simulation and the strength of the suspension.
- Options that were not essential have been removed from the control panel for better visibility.

- The "Ground" object is already associated with the path, so it is enough to just increase the value of the array modifier.