Bricker – Photoreal Lego/Minecraft Simulations

by Bricks Brought to Life in Scripts and Addons

Does Bricker support FLIP Fluids?

Yes! Bricker works seamlessly with FLIP Fluids, and we've seen some incredible animations made using both of the addons!

Is Bricker compatible with Blender 2.81?

Yes, Bricker works perfectly in Blender 2.81. You'll find it has a new home in the right-side UI panel in the 3D viewport!

Can Bricker handle non-water tight meshes?

Yes, Bricker was designed to handle any mesh object you could throw at it, no matter how messy

Some non-water tight meshes may cause problems with Bricker's high-efficiency calculations (selectively casting rays in the two most optimal axes, as opposed to all six), but there is a setting in the 'Advanced' tab to disable high-efficiency calculations.

Why does Bricker seems to be stuck in an endless loop when I click "Brickify"?

If you're running Bricker v1.6.0 or later, you may be experiencing an issue with the background processor introduced in early Spring (2019). Try disabling the background processor in the Bricker addon preferences (Preferences > Bricker > Brickify in Background) and running the process again. The interface will freeze as the calculations are running in your active Blender session, but the brickified model should soon appear.

If you experience further issues or wish to troubleshoot your issue with the background processor, feel free to reach out via email ([email protected]) or private message from your inbox ( and we'll get back to you before the end of the next business day.

How can I reach the developer for support?

Please, don't hesitate to send an email ([email protected]) or private message from your inbox ( if you've encountered an issue, need help using the add-on, wish to submit a feature request, or for any other reason. We'll get back to you before the end of the next business day.

How do I get the newest version of Bricker?

The easiest way is to Log In to the BlenderMarket, go to your Account, then under the Orders tab you should see Bricker in the list, which should have a link on the right-hand side to download the newest version. If you are on a PC or Linux system, you can also update via the addon preferences for Bricker within Blender (Addon updater coming to Mac OS in Blender 2.8).

Does Bricker support OSX and Linux?

Absolutely! Bricker works like a charm on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux alike.

Will there be free updates?

All updates are free! Bricker is frequently updated with additional colors and other features, so keep your eye out!