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  • Tanadech Udompetchphan
    5 months ago

    Lovely Addon. Fast book making without putting too much sweat.

  • Harald Rabe
    12 months ago

    An great help for interior design. No more boring book shelves - the possibilities to create just the books you want are endless - At my installation it stopped working at Blender 2.92/2.93 (is it my fault?)

    • laurent SCHOCH

      12 months ago

      Hi Harald, Thanks for your rating, As we saw together (by email) it is well working now on 2.92/2.93. It happened twice for MAC user, they had to reinstall Blender/Addon, But for both MAC users it is working now ! Laurent
  • Frank Hilton
    over 1 year ago

    This is my first impressions:
    Overall, this new add-on is very good and has great potential. The collection of books this add-on creates looks dynamite. There are lots of great options to choose from. Even though this is a specialized add-on, it makes the creation of books so much faster.

    I contacted the developer and his response was very quick very supportive. I like this in a blender product. He is a young developer and really wants to develop this into a top-notch add-on.

    Seeing this add-on is fairly new it does need one major improvement. And that is real-time editing and updating of book collections. Currently, if you want to edit an existing book collection, you have to change all your options and click a button which re-creates the book collection completely, even rescaling it back to its original size. So , every time you do an update it re-creates the collection. This is not ideal, but to get around this for now, you create, and edit your options, reapply changes, then move your final books collection to their location and size it accordingly. Once this improvement is made, then this add-on will be awesome.

    This add-on comes with a very small image library and symbols for creating your own book collections. Even though you can create a library of your own images to use, if more images were added to this add-on out-of-the-box it would be a great help.

    Outside of the two improvements I stated above, this add-on is really good. It looks good and is fairly fast. Imagine if I had to create a whole bookshelf of books by hand; the time it would've taken me. For the price of this add-on, you can't beat it. I definitely am glad I got this add-on.

  • andreas
    over 1 year ago

    Awesome addon. It is totally easy to use and it is very versatile. No more the same books over and over again. Looks great, it works nice, and it is really cheap. So grab it. You will not regret it. Thank you for sharing this useful addon :)

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