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Bookify Description

Bookify is a Blender Addon that generate Books. Bookify has a lot of parameters that allow you to create quickly, one or plain of books in a few clicks.

Bookify Blender Version

Bookify has been tested from Blender 2,80 to actual 2,91 Blender Version.

It can be used in EEVE Render, and also in Cycle Render.

Bookify Install

Bookify is installed in Blender panel  Preferences/Add-ons/

Press “Install”, select “”.

Select Add Object: Bookify : Bookify should be installed now.

Bookify Basic Use

After Install (see Install Chapter), just click on « Let ‘s Bookify

Data base  “book name.csv”

new book », and, one or more books is generated into blender workspace.

Bookify Parameters

Overview of all parameters

The main panel contains two main action buttons.

« Let’s Bookify new books » and

« Let’s Re-Bookify selected empty »

It contains the name box of the books.

The number of books you want to generate.

Then several parameters are available :

    Book Language

    Book Format

    Book Storing

    Book Style

    Book Sorting

    Book Shelve

« Let’s Bookify new books » parameter

          This is the main Action Button. When you modify book         parameters, you have to click on that button to generate         a new book collection. It generates Books at center of         blender world (0,0,0) coordinate.

« Let’s Bookify new books » parameter

This action button, regenerates Books  when one empty already created is selected. It replace the old books by new books, at the same coordinate.

«Name» parameter

    This button let the user to choose a name for book collection.

    This allow to find easily a collection by name, for example it could       «book_on_the_table »,  or “book on the desk ». Addon automatically       adds _000(number) to that name.

«Number of book» parameter

        This button let the user to choose  the number of book      that will be generated,

« Book language » parameter

You can decide or not to have text on your book.

Text is created with a real ‘text‘ blender object type.

 You can, modify text, after it has bee created. (Like a normal Blender Text object)

If you decide to have text you can select, one, or multiple language.


Once you choose Language, you can choose Theme between :

« Novel »

« Sport »

« Country »

or « User Theme »

Books name, Title, author, editor, are saved in a CSV file.

You can add, edit yourself this CSV file, to increase,

or modify to your preference Books Data name.

Another parameter is the percent of text presence probability:

 100 % means all books will contain a Editor Text

 100 % means all books will contain a Book name 

 100 % means all books will contain a Author name 

« Book format» parameter

You can select the depth of the Book

then, random value of depth.

You can select height of the book, and also,

random variation of that height.


« Book sorting» parameter

This parameters allows to sort books, before displaying them. You can choose between 





« Book style» parameter

With these parameter, you can decide :

to have “old book” Style

to have “old paper” Style

to have collection of the same book style

or to copy the texture of the first book to others books.

You can also choose color range for your book collection,

(multiple books empty can be selected)

select your basis color, and then select percent variation, of this basis color in Hue, Saturation, and Value.

Complementary color can be selected for Books with Two principal colors.

(Realtime color apply can be made on all selected book empty)

« Book storing» parameter

You can decide to have a pile of books, or not.

You can choose rotation angle for books, and decide

if rotation is applied on all books.

              Books pile generated in four “click”

« Book shelve» parameter

If you  select “use_shelve” button,

a shelve will inserted under books. (note,if vertical pile is selected, no shelve will be created)

When “auto_fit_length_shelve” is selected, the length of the shelve is auto calculated to fit the length of the books.

Others wise you can manually adjust Shelve size (Height,depth, and length)

Editing CSV file for User Custom theme

You can edit manually “book name.csv” and modify to your need the name of book, and theme.

Whether you can overwrite the data to your needs (but keep the first line for the Addon)

There are special column where you can insert the THEME you want 

EN_USER_THEME :  insert your theme for English Language

POR_USER_THEME : insert your theme for Portuguese Language

DU_USER_THEME : insert your theme for Dutch Language

FR_USER_THEME : insert your theme for French Language

JP_USER_THEME : insert your theme for Japanese Language

Adding or removing Fonts 

In fonts drawer of the Bookify installed directory

(usually “blender path + /scripts/addons/bookify_add_on/fonts”)

You can add and remove fonts that are used in Book creation.

Fonts are sorted in different category.

FONT_NORMAL: These fonts are randomly selected

FONT_JP : These fonts are randomly selected when language is “Japanese”

FONT_OLD_SIDE: These fonts are randomly selected when style is “OLD BOOK”

FONT_SIGN: These fonts are randomly selected for the drawing on the top of the book (dingbats)

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