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This is a collection of 50 seamless photo scanned materials for Blender designed for realism with a high resolution of 8192 * 8192 pixels.

The collection includes :

-11 brick materials

-2 forest materials

-17 sand materials

-8 dirt materials

-3 grass materials

-9 gravel materials

But why use this pack?

The height/displacement maps of this materials are much more accurate than displacement maps that are generated with tools like Crazybump.

How to use the BlenderPhotoscannedMaterialCollection :

1. Set Blenders Feature Set to Experimental.

2. Add the subdivision surface modifier to the object which should use the materials and enable Adaptive.

3. Click on file, append and then select Materials.blend

4. Select Materials and choose the ones you want.

5. Then just select the material for the object.

6. You can adjust the displacement strength by changing the value of the math node.

7. To refresh the viewport double click tab on your keyboard.

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