Blender Ez_gradient Node 1.1

by loranozor in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Setting up gradient is still tedious and repetitive in Blender. Need several nodes, not easy to switch vertical to horizontal...Boring daily task...
So I have built EZ_Gradient 1.1, an all in one Node Group for easy use of this. 

- Switch Horizontal /Vertical/Depth orientation

- Repeat make it loop up to 50 

- Flip colors

- Sharpness let you sharpen your gradient on both direction 

- Color 1 and 2

Default Texture coordinates setup is on Generated by default.

- Switch from Generated Texture coordinates to Object

- Switch to custom entry Vector if you want to use UV or specific setup

For now, only linear gradient is available. More to come in next updates...

You are free to use a color ramp or any nodes after EZ_Gradient 1.1. It just speed up your gradient setup.

You can append this node in your material library or your default scenes for an easy daily workflow.

By the way... 100% of each sale income is send to the Blender Development Fund