[V.1.1.0] Blender Atelier: Sculpt (2.80/2.81)

by jfmatheu in Scripts and Addons

Version 1.1.0 is OUT !


- Get a ~35% off !

Why prize is that 'high'?

The main reason is the time invested making the tool but there's other main reason: from BM I only get the 64% of benefits and from that total result you have to remove 10%, and then remove fees, % and other stuff from my country that aren't that low, that is what I gain. Even If I sell 50 copies in a month, I won't earn more that the minimum wage. Developers can't live or eat just with what they earn here, that's the reality, so supporting their work is the best way to help them improving the tools and keep them up to date.


Purpose of this Project

  • To have a complete but clean UI for sculpt mode where you just need the 3d viewport to sculpt, without properties panel and others, just to focus in sculpt as it is!
  • To streamline the sculpting workflow with quick access tools and better ones!
  • To extend funcionality with new tools and proposals about existing tools in just one addon!
  • And for the last one... To sculpt like a pro!

Actual Addon's Version:

0.5.6 (2.80) (New Sculpt UI) (STOPPED)

1.1.0 (2.81) (Blender Atelier: Sculpt) (WITH SUPPORT)



- Edit curves in sculpt: move, rotate, resize, add new points, snapping, handlers... and much more within an intuitive mode, easier than edit mode for curves.

- 1-click Incremental quick save with custom notation

- Some fixes around different tools and UI

- Support with newest sculpt features

Video - Version 1.1.0

Video - Version 0.5.0 [so OLD]

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