BigMouse's TexPack - Part 1 - Rocks & Soil

by bigmouse in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Textures Pack - Soil & Rocks

There's never enough of them, is there? Over the years I've Photographed and created quite a big collection of textures that I needed for my projects. In this pack I packed two categories of textures that I used the most. Works great for architectural projects as well as Real-time visualization and gaming. Rocks - Natural rock surface, forest rock, desert rock, for rocky mountain-sides or small stones. Soil - Mostly natural Ground surfaces, sand, grass and plants.   24 Textures, all seamless, Separated to 4 maps each - Color, Normal, Displace & Specular. Best quality JPGs, 1024*1024 px. Edited with Krita, Normal maps generated with Xnormal. Basic Shader Preview .blend file included and a short 'How to use' guide.  
24 image based textures, generated  to 4 different maps = 96 JPGs total. Seemless - tileable. 1024*1024 Pixels. Included two Index images, one for each category, Preview renders of material using all texture maps. Rendered with Cycles. File names below for easy finding. Included .blend file with preview shader setup and a 'how to use' guide.    

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