Bagging Fabric, Burlap Procedural Material For Blender 3d. Cycles 2.8, 2.81.

by NatalyaZelenova in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Bagging fabric, burlap procedural material for Blender 3D. Cycles 2.8, 2.81.

If you like to create still lifes in modern photo style these procedural materials help you reduce the time of routine modeling and texturing. You can spend time choosing options for composition and lighting your scene for the best visual results.



Required UV information

Color set optionally

Texture scale set optionally

Map of holes set optionally

PNG pattern overlay on a base color 


Set includes

.blend files (created in Blender 3D/Cycles Render version 2.8, 2.81) with:

    3 procedural material bagging fabric

    model of towel



    materials work best with HDRI Lighting