Audvis - Audio Visualization

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What is AudVis

AudVis is a Blender 2.8x add-on helping you to build awesome audio visualizations. The main features are Real Time Analyzer and Sequence Analyzer.

Real Time Analyzer

Real Time Analyzer can be used to make animations reacting to music (or any other sound) going over sound card or from microphone. This is a great option for parties. To make it even better, there is the Party Mode. It's a fullscreen 3D view with no overlays or controls.

Sequence Analyzer

This feature is mainly concentrating to make music videos.

Video Capture

This creates an image, periodically updated by a picture taken from your webcam, so you can use it as a texture. This can be helpful in combination with the Real Time Analyzer.

Example Generator

Makes a grid of objects. A lot of options. Such fun.

Shape Modifier

With the Shape Modifier, you can animate vertices' location, vertex group weight, UV map, vertex color, curve radius, for grease pencil pressure or strength. Supported object types are mesh, curve, surface, lattice and grease pencil.


Are you using a render farm? You can bake all the drivers and "Shape Modifiers" to make it work in your render farm.


Creates and updates an spectrogram image. This is bakeable, too. You can use it, for example, for shading or texturing.