by Thatimster in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Is it possible to export Anti-Tile Textures?

Yes! You can bake the texture channel of an object to an image and then save the image. However this output is not seamless, it is a static image (Blender just bakes what is visible) so once you bake it, you cannot procedurally change the size anymore.

Which render engines does Anti-tile support?

Anti-tile works with any engine that uses cycles nodes for materials.
Currently this includes:

  • Cycles (2.79 + 2.8)
  • Eevee (2.8)

The Anti-tile script to create Anti-tile textures is only guaranteed to work within blender. Therefore if you wish to use it in other engines you will need to apply Anti-tile in blender and then export out the material.

Why can't I see the results in textured view?

Since Anti-tile makes use of procedural noise and complex mapping, the final result can only be seen in rendered view. Textured view will still display regular tiling.