Animated Hydraulic Texture Decal

by Jeremy Johnson in Models

This is an Animated Decal Texture Pack which also shows you how you can apply sequences of images to animate what is normally a static decal/displacement, just like the ordinary ones,,, but better!
Yes, you can use this Decal Pack in exactly the same way as the static ones, but by using sequences through "images as Planes", you get an animated result.

And just as you would connect the Texture, Height, Normal and Curvature maps, you do the same here, but with cyclic sequences of images.

Clicking the "Cyclic" option in the "Images As Planes" node, you will get the sequence looping through, frame by frame, animating your decal into life.

Along with the pre-rendered AO, Curvature, Height, Normals and texture images, to get you going, I have included the original Blender file, so you can edit, manipulate, re-colour and re-render any changes you like. RE-RENDERING THE EDITED MESH WILL REQUIRE AN ADON CAPABLE OF OUTPUTTING AO, CURVE, HEIGHT and NORMALS images, but there are several out there and some are free. Either way, you get a full set of image sequences here, as follows below.

Hydraulic.blend file

AO Folder: 30 PNG images.
Curvature Folder: 30 PNG images.

Height Folder: 30 PNG images.

Normals Folder: 30 PNG images.

Texture Folder :30 JPG images.
Animated Decal Textures INFO.rtf file.

Published 2 months ago
Software Version 2.92
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
Misc Data animated, textured
License Royalty Free
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