Anatomically based human skeleton XMS

by k44dev Software in Models

Anatomically* based human skeleton**

Male skeleton model:

  • mesh 100% quads
  • rigged and ready to animate

  • IK/FK hands and feet

  • IK/FK snaping

  • with x1024 basic textures and material set

  • ready to render with Cycles

  • ready to work with X-Muscle System

Human Skeleton V1**

Human Skeleton V2**

It is dead... awesome, indeed

*this 3D model should not be used as an anatomy reference for medical purposes

**Skeleton is a part of X-Muscle System distributed as an X-Muscle System Anatomy Bundle, model in offer does not contain muscles.

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  • philinfrance over 1 year ago

    A great rig! Just saving up for the X-muscle deluxe...can't wait. For this purchase I say 5/5!

    • Albert Makac about 1 year ago

      Thank you very much!

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