Kit Ops - Aircraft Avionics Kpack - Full

by DarioMac in Models

Will this work with Hard Ops or other addons that enhance my workflow

Absolutely, I run HardOps on my setup in Blender and if you look at this video tutorial, you will see me use some of the features for mirroring:

Where do I install this kPack?

Unzip the file with your other kPacks and Blender with KitOps Pro 2 installed will pick it up. Below is a sample of how to unzip it in your folder structure. Keep in mind that this is my personal folder structure, yours may differ depending on how you have setup Kit+Ops.

How do you add the decals easily for the faced on the dials?

This is pretty easy, you need to place the insert you want the dial face to be on, then with the insert selected click "Convert to Mesh". Once the object has been converted, choose the option to place by face (there are none, face, vertex, edge) and then click the gauge you want it, select the dial decal you want and click insert. This will snap it to the centre of the gauge and you now just need to scale it (mouse wheel up or down) and then rotate (hold alt and mouse where up or down).

What do I need to make this work?

You will need a Blender version that is compatible with KitOps Pro 2 / Free that can be found on Chip Walters website

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Published 11 months ago
Software Version 2.92, 2.93
License Royalty Free
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