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  • matthieu about 1 year ago

    fa il suo lavoro

  • Andrew about 1 year ago

    Great tool, great support from creator - all in all, massive time saver!

  • heri about 1 year ago

    I have problems by the Camera on blender with the plugin. The markes are on the right position but the camera on blender has a very wrong orientation :( . I need help . Thanks. ps: My Software (Blender 2.82a, AE 17.0.5 Build 16, Plugin 1.3)

    • sam598 about 1 year ago

      Please send a message for any questions or issues. This is not the best place for troubleshooting as I can only respond to a review once.

  • brian alvarez about 1 year ago

    Works well thanks!

  • Filip over 1 year ago

    AE2Blend is absolutely fantastic and saves you so much time since you can use After Effects' much faster 3D Camera Tracker and just import it into Blender. With the latest update AE2Blend works absolutely flawlessly with the latest versions of After Effects and Blender 2.8. If you're experiencing any problems: make sure that you have entered the correct Focal Length and Size (for the Camera) in Blender, you need to manually copy and paste these values from After Effects. If you're experiencing that the scale of your scene is off: parent the Camera to an Empty and resize the Empty to fit the Blender scene. Once you understand how to properly use AE2Blend, it is amazing! I highly recommend it!

  • wiremic almost 2 years ago

    Got this to work once, with AE 2018, and Blender 2.8, then my computer crashed. Reached out to creator, because the camera doesn't line up correctly like the planes do. It's off by roughly 90 degrees. Have yet to hear back from them. Otherwise, it's a useless waste of $10.

  • Ian about 2 years ago

    Great for basic AE to Blender camera tracking importing. One key missing feature that I was really hoping was included but not documented was the ability to paste the focal length data from AE to Blender. This is the reason for only 4 stars.

  • Sebastian Fischhold over 2 years ago

    mixed feelings about this plugin. sometimes it works, sometimes not.

    for some reason the camera created in blender only contains the location value not the rotation value. when I paste it in AE both are there... so it is definitely in the copy cache.

    when I don't copy the first keyframe of rotation (but all the following) it works...

    i asked for support but they did not reply for four weeks now... :(

  • James Romesburg about 3 years ago

    Amazing workflow from AE to Blender and back to AE for compositing! Highly recommend!

  • tleedz over 3 years ago

    Quickest tool to track camera and add 3d model elements! Great job!

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