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  • David Caro 2 months ago

    Great tool!!! For anyone having troubles, the script is installed unzipped. And check out this video.

  • adam t 2 months ago

    Installs and never shows up in the addons list

  • magnus 5 months ago

    Pasting keyframes doesnt work and no replies from the creator

  • Adam Frangione 5 months ago

    Works great. Currently using it in blender 2.83 and not having any issues. The add-on has room for some additional automated improvements, but currently, as it is, I'm happy with the add-on and the price.

  • 6 months ago

    Amazing addon. Works great and even works on Blender 2.9 and AE2020. I used this short tutorial to make everything work perfectly

  • iamBrick 8 months ago

    This problem never work for me. and I asked question through pm and no reply for a week. Think before buy it .

  • gadas_ 10 months ago

    Addon idea is really good, and I like it, but biggest issue in this addon is with setting Focal Length - even copied data from AE -> B3D camera is accurate, I need to fix this manually "by eye". At this moment I give 3 stars, if there is someway to help me I can change it to 5. :)

  • Christian 11 months ago

    The location og the camera is all over the place, i dnt know where or how to set XYZ coordinates so that i can set a ground plain

    • sam598 11 months ago

      Please send a message for any questions or issues. This is not the best place for troubleshooting as I can only respond to a review once.

  • Valdemar 11 months ago

    waste of money holy shit

    • sam598 11 months ago

      Can you please elaborate on the issues you were experiencing.

  • matthieu 12 months ago

    fa il suo lavoro

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