Abstract Sculpture

by Jarryd in Models

Titled " The Illusory" this metallic sculpture was designed to convey a sense of speed. From the menacing front stance, to the sweeping lines trailing behind with the weathered dents and dings, this sculpture is ideal for a scene where some motion and curves are needed to highlight the speed at which things pass us by and can be used as a display piece for interior/exterior. Included in preview images are examples of close up renders for more intimate scenes. 

The sculpture can be resized safely to suite any particular use case, scaled from a large outdoor piece, to smaller desktop sculpture it will fit in well due to it being metallic in nature. As it stands the dimensions are :

1.45m Height  x 1.6m Length x 0.56m Width

Making full use of PBR materials the model can be dropped into any lighting scenario. The model includes BaseColor, Roughness, Height, Normal, Metallic. all 4096x4096 texture resolution.