Originie: Teleport The Pivot With Magic, A Feature Packed Pivot Master Add-On

by Mechanical Mustache in Scripts and Addons

## Installation

Download the zip file and use `Install` from the Add-on tab. Or just unzip the downloaded file to the scripts/addon folder under Blender's user directory

## Usage

### Invoking

The add-on comes with couple predefined shortcuts. You can use `;` in the 3d viewport the bring up the Originie's menu. 

### General Usage

Almost all the tools in this add-on have additional options. Once you run an operation, you will either see a pop-up window prior to running the operation or additional tool settings. Watch your tool settings panel for further pivot manipulation.

### Visual Pivot Editing

You can use `Insert` for quickly going into the visual pivot editing mode or just invoke `Edit Pivot` from the menu. 

This mode supports orthographic views at the moment however more advanced editing like editing perspective viewport, snapping to components etc might be implemented, all of these depends on the 2.81 release of Blender.

### Ruler as a guide for the pivot

First draw a ruler with starting and then end point, then choose your object and invoke `To Ruler`

### Fake Pivot

The fake pivot function creates a fake pivot via an empty object that you can use as a secondary non-binding pivot. You do not have to change your object's main pivot if you need a handy pivot. There is going to be a new empty object in your object list called `.PIVOT_(OBJECT_NAME)` once you invoke the operation. You can position or animate that pivot for further advanced usages. The menu for fake pivot will turn to `Fake Apply` once your object has a fake pivot. Use this function to finalize the it.