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  • Benedict Varga about 2 months ago

    This is great! Not only does it work well with other add-ons, I think it's a necessity to get the most out of those other add-ons. Do yourself a favor and get this.

  • Ponte Ryuurui 3 months ago

    This thing is a beast, `nuff said.

  • moontan 4 months ago

    it's not only an addon, but it opens up a simple workflow that does not need to rely on stacks upon stacks of modifiers.
    it's 'artist-friendly', unlike other workflows that make you feel more like an engineer.

    • MACHIN3 4 months ago

      Thank you, I really appreciate you saying that!

  • Sascha Uncia 6 months ago

    I'm getting started with Mesh machine and so far I like it a lot. My fav are the Plugs.

    I tried Kit-Ops earlier and had a really bad time trying to separate the cutters/subsets and trying to work with the inserts on curved surfaces was a nightmare. I'm going to stick with Mesh Machine Plugs, Please keep this awesome feature alive and improving ♥

    • MACHIN3 6 months ago

      Thanks, I will!

  • Aidan Eldred 8 months ago

    Very useful addon -- the creator also provides support for any issues.

    • MACHIN3 6 months ago

      Thank you!

  • robert 8 months ago

    of all the plugins I actively use...mesh machine is my definite go to when dealing with mesh issues..."Plugs" offer a unique solution to modeling....machin3 builds several really great plugins I suggest all of them... overall 5 stars

    • MACHIN3 8 months ago

      Thank you! :)

  • Jakub 10 months ago

    Excellent addon, can't wait for another blender market sale, to try decals with it

    • MACHIN3 10 months ago

      Thank you Jakub, get in touch with me directly, I can hand out discounts at any time :)

  • Lee wooseok 10 months ago

    Very nice tools for hardsurf! but plugs tool doesn't work well after i updated latest version of blender 2.8 :( .. i believe that u will update this soon. Thanks for make this addon^^

    • MACHIN3 10 months ago

      Please file a bug report if something is not working for you. Plugs work fine for me, with the exceptiong of Normal Transfers on Array plugs, due to a Blender bug. To file a bug report please see

  • Piotr Pabijan 11 months ago

    Now I can't imagine hard surface modelling without MECHmachine and DECALmachine so don't hesistate even one moment and buy both of them! They are both great! P.S. Thanks for the 2.8 versions!

    • MACHIN3 11 months ago

      Thank you Piotr!

  • Dorian Borremans 11 months ago

    This add on add some powerful functionalities that should be present in base blender. One you try you'll nevel go back

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