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  • Piotr Pabijan 5 days ago

    Now I can't imagine hard surface modelling without MECHmachine and DECALmachine so don't hesistate even one moment and buy both of them! They are both great! P.S. Thanks for the 2.8 versions!

    • MACHIN3 5 days ago

      Thank you Piotr!

  • Dorian Borremans 10 days ago

    This add on add some powerful functionalities that should be present in base blender. One you try you'll nevel go back

  • Jeferson 24 days ago

    Very useful tool.
    Waiting for 2.80 version!

  • teja 3 months ago

    I work with mobile game assets, where the right amount of bevel decides how clearly the form is shown. Its a guessing game that changes with lighting, So I always relied on bevel modifiers as its non-destructive. Tedious and time taking. But had to resign for it. This add-on changed everything. Just the tools it has around bevels and chamfers are brilliant. And with the addition of plugs its worth every penny.

  • dimitris 3 months ago

    Great!! Waiting for 2.80 version!

  • abdoubouam 5 months ago

    I have yet to explore this addon to its full capabilities, but boy it does its job well when I need it!
    I especially like the Unbevel, plugs, boolean clean-up, and unf*ck tools and I'm amazed by how fast it takes to add details to models without shading artifacts. It's definitely worth its price and the learning process that comes with it

  • xun 5 months ago

    Solved a lot of problems, thank you very much! Looking forward to version 2.8, it is amazing!

  • Martin Lindelöf 6 months ago

    Your weapon of choice when doing hard surface modeling. Check out machin3s' other add-ons also! Can't wait for 2.80 version.

  • Monte Drebenstedt 6 months ago

    excellent add on

  • Steve Warner 8 months ago

    This is an amazing set of tools and if you create hard-surface models, you owe it to yourself to purchase this. The time-savings it provides is worth it. But it's the sense of security that this gives me that I appreciate the most. I no longer have to worry about getting my bevels just right. I can finally make a bevel and move on, knowing that if I have to adjust it later, I can, and very easily at that. I've been creating 3D models since 1988 and have professional experience with LightWave, Modo, 3DS Max and Maya. I've yet to find a tool like this on any platform. Kudos to the developer for solving a seemingly insurmountable problem, for doing what no other software has been able to do, and for making hard surface modeling fun again.

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