Fountain Pen With Pbr Materials

by Nevermore Graphics in Models

  • 11 different skins to choose from
  • All parts are separate and removable, as shown in the screenshots
  • There's a slightly more "used/handled" textures for normals and roughness, but there isn't a distressed set
  • Normals come as bump only and fully baked normal map, in case you want to subdivide
  • Model has holding edges and can be subdivided at your leisure
  • Skins are easily editable and flexible, and come with a matte so you can select whatever part you need
  • 4k textures, with Diffuse, Metal, Roughness, Normal and Translucency maps
  • If you open in Blender, node setup has instructions.
  • Everything is organized in easy to sort-through folders.
  • Threaded parts are real geometry
  • Materials are already setup and ready to use in Blender, otherwise, the filenames are easily understandable