Archiglass Pro Shader

by ddesign in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Does the geometry recognition work with every shape/combination?

Not always. While it showed incredible results even with complex shapes (see the Standard Material Model), sometimes it can lose track of some sides or have colors inverted altogether. That's why there is a Invert Color slider

What is automatic geometry recognition?

Architectural glass shows a strong coloration on the borders. Normally, if you wanted to get that effect, you had to assign a slightly different materials to the faces of the mesh affected; with Archiglass Pro you will get the effect by default

How does geometry recognition work?

Since Cycles does not allow to get single vertex/face properties directly, it relies on a series of daisy-chained comparations to find the shortest sides. It took a very complex mathematical abstraction effort and a lot of work

Is it also for Eevee?

No, sorry. Eevee is a fantastic rendering engine, but for now it cannot handle complex light calculations