Luxurious Lighting 3d Car Rendering Interior Hdri Pack

by CG Choco in Render Setups

Key features

- 20 Interior HDRI images.

- Designed for car rendering. Built to amplify car shapes and forms.

- 4k HDR formats.

- Instant "car ad like" impressive results.

- Discreet light sources.  

- Optimized to receive additional surrounding objects.

- Optimized for multiple angle shots.

- Symmetrical light placement.

- Multiple car support.

- Compatible with various car models and colors.

- Compatible with various 3D render engines.

20 Interior HDRI images 

Optimized for car rendering.  Instant "car ad like" impressive results 

Compatible with various car models and colors. 

Discreet light sources  and symmetrical light placement 

Optimized for multiple angle shots 

Multiple car support 

Large Cars Support 

Happy Rendering !!!


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