1970 Challenger T/A

by Brothermechanic in Models


I created this model just for fun in 2009. I started it in Maya, finished in blender-2.49. Now i present the "rebirthed" model for blender-2.7 with Cycles setup and OpenGL ready setups. The car shader was used from the awesome CGC Shader Pack Vol 1, the other shaders are quite simple; I also used a great environmental background idea. I found it on BlenderArtists.org; the environmental texture I took from the great website http://www.openfootage.net . Scene file contain 3d model of 1970 Challenger-T/A with textures and shaders setup for Cycles and OpenGL render. Hope you will like it! Happy Blending!

  •  good locking mesh as real model’s shape
  •  good topology
  •  doors made as separate parts
  •  there is chassis and an engine models
  •  there are lowpoly fbx with original mesh
  •  all textures are packed
  • Cycles setup
  • useful opengl engine setup for animaticks